Extinction: Imminent

The premise for this challenge was to create a Free To Play (F2P) game. I knew very vague things about this genrebusiness model, and after reading some articles and criticisms, became horrified by the very concept. In short, a F2P game is little more than a slot machine with something that looks like a videogame (usually a RPG) thrown around it.

A Recurring Nightmare

The Experimental Gameplay Project describes itself as:


We're a group of indie game developers, running a friendly competition every month. The rules: Make a game based on the month's theme, and don't spend more than 7 days. New games posted at the end of every month.


I've been following the contests for some months, and decided to, at last, participate in one. This month's topic was:


PC download: 
Mac download: 


Hope was the first time I participated in a GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge. It was awarded as the best entry for that challenge.

About Difficulty in Games

Let me suggest you to go and play the original Manic Miner for just 5 minutes: press 'O' and 'P' to walk left or right, respectively, spacebar to jump. Collect all the keys and go back to the flashing portal.

Did you manage to pass the first screen? If not, would you keep playing, or was it so frustrating that you don't want to see that game again?


Driving games is one of my favourite game genres. Not to be confused with racing games, in which you race around a track lap after lap after lap. I love the ones that let you drive through an open, non-circular course. Beautiful, eerie landscape + smooth rendition of speed = Bliss. Some of the earlier Need for Speed games made me feel this Flow


Drivey manages to do this in less that 300Kb (graphics included). 


Cursor*10: Self-collaboration

A perfect example of frugality, Cursor*10 is a wonderful little Flash game, featuring time-manipulation gameplay. The game's objective is to reach the 16th floor. To go up one floor, click on the stairs. Click on pyramids to earn points. But on some floors, stairs are hidden, and you have, for example, to click two or more switches at the same time for them to appear. How can you do this, if you are playing alone and there's no possibility of pushing objects around? You have ten cursors.

Infinite Regress

This game is about infoxication, and choosing the right information. I have this addiction to information. I admit it. I'm constantly checking my mail, even my facebook (I have so many friends far from me!), but mostly my news reader. I sometimes think that I'm more addicted to Google Reader's interface than to actual information. I have lots of feeds added, most with more than 100 unread items. Too much (seemingly) interesting information, too little time. Why do Iike it so much?

Welcome to Frugal Games

From Wikipedia:


"Frugality, in the context of certain belief systems, is a philosophy in which one does not trust (or is deeply wary of) "expert" knowledge, often from commercial markets or corporate cultures, claiming to know what is in the best economic, material, or spiritual interests of the individual. "


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