A new Frugal Games website is on the way...


A brand new website is approaching... in which we'll talk about the absolutely-fantastically-mind-blowing game we have in the oven!Stay tuned!

The Unfinished Swan

This is so beautiful, suggestive, inspiring...



Here's the game site.

"What would Molydeux?"

Just read about "What would Molydeux?", an international, weekend-long, Game Jam based on the Peter Molyneux-parody Twitter account @petermolydeux. What a great idea! Had I knew about it before, maybe I would have managed to host it in Barcelona.

Lights Out! Global Game Jam 2011@Barcelona

Just a short update to talk a little about 'Lights Out!', the game me and three other brave souls developed during last weekend's Global Game Jam, in Barcelona.

Battlefield: Middle East

This was our winning entry for the Game Design Challenge: Rickroll.

Oh, how I would love to create and play this game...


Battlefield: Middle East

A serious game about empathy, and some geography lessons. 

You play as Tom, a young north american who enrolls in the army and is sent to Afghanistan, after the military school (tutorial) where he's trained in close combat and mid-range weapons. 

Lessons learned

Flee was released on the Android Market on the 31st of October. These are some thoughts on what happened since.


Unthinkable problems

Flee, a Designer commentary

We are proud to announce the release of Flee (click for the game's website), our first commercial game.



My latest entry to the Game Design Challenge, which got an Honorable Mention, is in the works. Available for Android phones and devices in October! (hopefully!). The layout you see below will probably be modified in the final version, along with some gameplay changes.



You need to feel Loved

Alexander Ocias himself (the author of this jewel) stated: 'Loved deals with power and dominance'. And this is clear from the very beginning.

"Are you a man, or a woman?", the game asks you as soon as loading is done. I clicked, innocently, on 'man', assuming a 'create your avatar' screen would follow. 

235 Free Indie Games

In the video below, you can glimpse up to 235 free indie games. More creativity an innovation in 10 minutes than a whole E3?

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