Game Design

The Unfinished Swan

This is so beautiful, suggestive, inspiring...



Here's the game site.

"What would Molydeux?"

Just read about "What would Molydeux?", an international, weekend-long, Game Jam based on the Peter Molyneux-parody Twitter account @petermolydeux. What a great idea! Had I knew about it before, maybe I would have managed to host it in Barcelona.

Extinction: Imminent

The premise for this challenge was to create a Free To Play (F2P) game. I knew very vague things about this genrebusiness model, and after reading some articles and criticisms, became horrified by the very concept. In short, a F2P game is little more than a slot machine with something that looks like a videogame (usually a RPG) thrown around it.


Hope was the first time I participated in a GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge. It was awarded as the best entry for that challenge.

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