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Driving games is one of my favourite game genres. Not to be confused with racing games, in which you race around a track lap after lap after lap. I love the ones that let you drive through an open, non-circular course. Beautiful, eerie landscape + smooth rendition of speed = Bliss. Some of the earlier Need for Speed games made me feel this Flow


Drivey manages to do this in less that 300Kb (graphics included). 


Cursor*10: Self-collaboration

A perfect example of frugality, Cursor*10 is a wonderful little Flash game, featuring time-manipulation gameplay. The game's objective is to reach the 16th floor. To go up one floor, click on the stairs. Click on pyramids to earn points. But on some floors, stairs are hidden, and you have, for example, to click two or more switches at the same time for them to appear. How can you do this, if you are playing alone and there's no possibility of pushing objects around? You have ten cursors.

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"Frugality, in the context of certain belief systems, is a philosophy in which one does not trust (or is deeply wary of) "expert" knowledge, often from commercial markets or corporate cultures, claiming to know what is in the best economic, material, or spiritual interests of the individual. "


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