"What would Molydeux?"

Just read about "What would Molydeux?", an international, weekend-long, Game Jam based on the Peter Molyneux-parody Twitter account @petermolydeux. What a great idea! Had I knew about it before, maybe I would have managed to host it in Barcelona.

The purpose of the Jam is to develop a game based on any of Molydeux's tweets, each one increasingly more caustic and bizarre than the one before. Here's one (quite suggestive) example:

"You are a detective solving a vital case but every time you talk to someone the Earth shakes and the environment around you falls apart?"

Can't wait for the resulting games!


PD: Here's two videos with some of the 245 (count 'em) games born in the jam


(From this first video, I really enjoyed Italian Rocket Riders (06:45))