Driving games is one of my favourite game genres. Not to be confused with racing games, in which you race around a track lap after lap after lap. I love the ones that let you drive through an open, non-circular course. Beautiful, eerie landscape + smooth rendition of speed = Bliss. Some of the earlier Need for Speed games made me feel this Flow


Drivey manages to do this in less that 300Kb (graphics included). 


In his website, after stating that Drivey is a "Non Photo Realistic driving simulator", Mark Pursey explains his motivations :


"What Drivey is supposed to help me explore is that zen point between realistic and symbolic representation, some concept which might engage your brain in the same way that perhaps a graphic novel might, giving the reader only the visual essence of a world, and letting imagination do the rest, leading [hopefully] to a more engaging experience."


Please note that this is a technical demo, so there's limited interaction, no 'levels', no win or loose conditions...just a relaxing, warm and absorbing visual experience. Mostly because the art style is so unique, of the never-seen-before kind, and the speed smoothness is amazing. I'd even say it's impossible to play (or should I say watch?) Drivey and not fall into instant daydreaming: where is this car? who drives it? where is he/she going? 

It's interesting how a total lack of audio (unintentional in this case) can add so much to the experience.


Download Drivey and read more about it (you can even get the source code!). Press F1 and play with the options.

As it only works in Windows PCs, here's a video in which you can also hear the author's commentary: